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Living Funerals and Living Eulogies

Living Funerals

Living funerals are a heartfelt and warm celebration in advance of death. At a celebration of the person’s life – with the person present – you will be able to share and spend that special designated time with that person.

The guest of honour also gets the chance to hear the things their loved ones want to say about them. People should hear all the nice things people say about them, rather than it happening after they have passed away.

Some people find a Living funeral is incredibly meaningful as they have all their loved ones around them, and they can tell them how they have impacted on their life. A living funeral opens up the dialogue of loss and grief and can ensure the ones left behind are not left in the position of isolation as often happens after the loss of a loved one.


Living funerals tend to be happy events, in contrast to the often more solemn event of a traditional funeral. A living funeral does not replace a traditional funeral and nor should it. They both serve separate purposes. Even after a great living funeral, there is still a need for ceremony, ritual, closure and to say one last goodbye. 


A living funeral gives everyone a chance to say intimate heartfelt goodbyes, and to offer well-wishes. A living funeral may be a social event and on balance a happy time where the relevant person can acknowledge and thank special friends and associates as well as family members.

It’s not for everyone, but if it feels the right thing for you, I can help you to create an event with you at the centre, in company of your loved ones.


There is a place for poems, readings, tributes, songs, hymns and family participation: really anything that you want. 


You choose the venue, perhaps your home or somewhere that is significant to you: your favourite beach, hill, park, football stadium? You choose who is invited. You choose the music and content. Perhaps you could invite your guests to share their special stories about you?

Contact me if you'd like to have a chat about living funerals, or have a look at my blog post on Living Funerals to find out more.

Celebrant Ceremonies by Elaine Ceremonies

Living Eulogies

Making the decision to write your own obituary is a personal choice, and one that can be quite emotional, depending on the reason for writing. Most living eulogies are written by those who are terminally ill. Knowing that your time on earth is limited, you can write your own life story.  Writing your own ceremony may bring some peace of mind that you are prepared. If you are considering writing your own eulogy, I will be privileged to assist you and to express your wishes in advance.

“If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever.”

A.A. Milne

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