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End of Life Ceremonies

End of life ceremonies

The end of life ceremonies I offer to create and hold for you take into account the beliefs of your loved one whatever they were – religious, part religious, non-religious, spiritual or no faith. I can also include wording as part of the introduction to the ceremony to ensure that everyone attending the ceremony feels welcomed, respected, and included.

Considering every aspect of your ceremony and what you need from timing to content, I will guide you all the way. The main component of the ceremony can be personal, all about remembering the person and celebrating and giving thanks for their life; or the focus can be spiritual and include prayers and blessings, and anything else you choose that reflects the spirit of the person. Very often individuals and families choose to have a combination of both personal and spiritual.

As well as funerals, I would be honoured to provide services for living eulogies and living funerals, memorials, and scattering and internment of ashes.

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